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6 Gift Ideas For Father’s Day 2022 To Make It Sophisticated

6 Gift Ideas For Father's Day 2022 To Make It Sophisticated

Father’s Day is only a week away. Stop giving them the usual cases of beers, pens, liquors, and shirts. If you have a father, husband, or a brother that just got married - now is the time to scramble for ideas. But, look no more! There are so many great gift ideas you can pick from Ly Gia Vien's list that will help elevate your gifting games this year!

Take Him Out for Some Good Old Smoked & BBQ

6 Gift Ideas For Father’s Day 2022 To Make It Sophisticated

Source: Ardeo Eatery & Butcher Slow Roasted Pork Ribs, Smoked Eel

Vouchers for two at a casual restaurant with his favorite go-to's. Don't forget an additional bottle of great wine for pairing. An intimate and downtown location like Ardeo Eatery & Butcher could be his new obsession!

Ardeo is giving away a dinner gift card worth 500,000đ for two and a wide range of unique wines. In addition, an in-house sommelier can give you some great tips to find the perfect bottle. To receive a voucher, simply leave some info here with a note “father day 2022".

Pizza Everyday For Masterchef Dads

Who doesn't love pizza? Give him an Ooni pizza oven to show off his master chef skills without having to break your piggy bank!

Ooni Koda 16 is a compact oven that uses the same gas that can be found in many Vietnamese homes. For that added smokiness from charcoal, get him an Ooni Karu 12. Both can give you AMAZING Napolitean Pizza in less than 1 minute. Everything else you need to do is be generous with the toppings.

6 Gift Ideas For Father’s Day 2022 To Make It Sophisticated

Source: Ooni Easy To Make At Home With Family

Build-Your-Own Mixology Bar At Home

Most fathers will have a passion for a specific drink. Some are coffee, some are rare whisky, some are wine and some are cocktails. But if he likes to drink and has to drive often, trendy non-alcoholic beverages will give all family members peace of mind.

Lyre's Non-Alcoholic range perfectly mimics original spirits such as London Dry Gin, Highland Malt, Spiced Rum is a good start for the home bar. Don't forget to pick up a few other alternate mixers and syrups such as Fentimans Fermented Soft Drink & Torani Pure Made Syrup to spice things up!

Since there's no alcohol involved, these products are also suitable for children, perfect for family parties, bringing the fun together, and sharing a good time over mocktails with dad.

6 Gift Ideas For Father’s Day 2022 To Make It Sophisticated

Source: Lyre's London Dry Gin & Pink Gin Fizz

Best Wine Glass For The Best Dads

A glass of wine every day keeps the doctors away. Since he only gets to drink one glass a day, make it more enjoyable! Kinto KRONOS makes drinks look like they are floating in the air with a double-wall structure. The ring supports your fingers for easy gripping, and the cup has an ideal angle for drinking. With thermally insulated construction, it maintains the temperature of hot and cold drinks for a long time. No condensation is formed, so your table will not get wet.

6 Gift Ideas For Father’s Day 2022 To Make It Sophisticated

Source: Floating Drink Party in Kinto Kronus

Get Healthier With Water Bottle & Lunch Box

Stays hydrated throughout the workout with Guzzini. It also can act as a reminder and motivation for him to drink enough water throughout the day.

The stylish lunch box shows that you care about your father's meal while showing off his personality. He can choose to bring either a home-cooked meal or his favorite snacks with him every day.

6 Gift Ideas For Father’s Day 2022 To Make It Sophisticated

Source: Share a snack with your dad

Other Sporty Gift Ideas

If your father loves watching sports, consider getting him a pair of tickets to his favorite sports team match. Practical, easy to use, and fun to give - they are your best bet!

If your father loves playing sports, get him membership from a sports club that provides personalized items.

Take this opportunity to make your dad feel appreciated not only today but all year round. make sure he knows how much you love him by sending him one of these thoughtful gifts today.

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